teaching is one my greatest passions

2003-2004, as UCA's photography darkroom lab monitor in the Fine Art department, I started informally assisting student peers with processing their own film and printing photographs in the darkroom. Through that experience I realized teaching would be a part of my life that I would pursue as career and that I had a knack for explaining topics in an easily digestible manner. In 2006 that goal quickly became a reality when I taught my first "digital crash course" at Bedford Camera and Video and the rest was history. Since then I've taught hundreds of photography classes, workshop and one on ones to thousands of students over the past nearly two decades for businesses, non-profits, schools, private groups, and individuals across 10 states and counting. As an Arkansas based commercial and nature photographer, I'm very fortunate to have been able to live in a beautiful state as well as travel a great deal and share my passion with others. This blog post is a place for me to document topics I've covered over the years and will be updated from time to time (last update 5/7/2024). Simple as that. If you're interested in learning more about what I do as an educator go here. Otherwise check out some the topics I love to teach...

Arkansas nature photographer and educator, Alex Kent with large group of students standing on a rock spiral maze in OK.
Arkansas nature photographer and educator, Alex Kent teaching with lanyard around his neck at St Crispin Retreat.

Teaching and education are amongst my greatest passions. I am a lifelong student of many topics and love to share my knowledge. Beyond photography technique and camera usage, I am capable and have taught a variety of topics over the years. Such as:


• Creativity and Compositional Design

• Catalog archiving and organization 

• Image post-processing with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Apple Photos, Topaz, Nik, and other digital imaging enhancement software applications.

• iMac, MacBook, and iPhone set up and usage

• Whitewater paddling intructor and guide - (Former, ACA Level 4 Whitewater canoe instructor)

• Leave No Trace ethics - (LNT Master Educator)

• Backpacking, back country travel skills, and front country camping skills (Former wilderness guide and instructor)

• Travel Tips and Safety 


These are topics that are either hobbies or have been loosely intertwined in my career that I've been able to teach others without being paid.

• Public speaking, presentation building and critique (18+ years experience)

• General health, wellness, nutrition mindfulness, and building good habits (22+ years experience)

• Disc golf (24+ years experience)

• Wild edible and foraging - basic/intermediate (12+ years experience)

• Numismatics (35+ years experience) 

• Cooking (35+ years experience)

I am a lifelong curious student who is eager to learn. That carries forward into my desire to become the best educator I can possibly be. It is often said, teaching is best form of self-education. If you looking for a public speaker or teacher, for your business, club, or private group check out my education services, events, or reach out direct with inquiries.