creativity and nature lover at heart

First off, I'm grateful for your interest in learning about who I am. My sincerest thank you.

I am a commercial, nature, and travel photographer based in Arkansas who travels a fair amount and is passionate about art and education in many forms.

Art has always been a part of my life both through creating, observing, learning, and appreciation in many forms. Nature was introduced to me at an early age through hunting and fishing with my father and granddads. On top of that I was born in Mountain Home, AR, but lived the majority of my childhood in Hot Springs, AR both places surrounded by natural beauty. Growing up I spent a great deal of time in and around both cities which are known for their incredible lakes, rivers, and scenery. Spending time, connecting, and creating with both art and the great outdoors are an essential element for my well being. In my opinion, they're essential for all of humanity's wellness.

Arkansas commercial and nature photographer, Alex Kent crouches with a camera in hand on a cliff with river below.

Image by Ashlee Nobel w/ Lee Lee Arts+Design

Huge frozen waterfall coming out of a hole in a rock overhang with AR nature photographer, Alex Kent standing in front.

Image by Kurt Jones at the "Glory Hole" in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas



Documenting the world around me and capturing moments in time of those I loved quickly fascinated me at an early age. My lifelong interest in photography began in the late '80s when my parents or grandfather would hand me the family camera during holidays, family reunions, and vacations. I LOVED taking photos! I also loved sitting around with family and friends looking at photo albums of the past or looking through dad's National Geographics. None of my family were serious photographers however, so I never had any exposure to the technical side of photography during childhood.

That general interest in photography throughout my childhood turned into a passion in my late teens (early 2000s) which soon turned into a career in my early 20's (2004). Over the past 20+ years I've been involved in various aspects of the photography industry and art world ranging from commercial and fine art photography, education, image research, gallery exhibition, equipment consultation and sales, fine art reproduction, conference speaking and emceeing, and beyond. To this day and hopefully for many years to come that path continues.

Again I appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit about my path and viewing my website. Please check back because there are always more updates to come.

often a camera in hand

Frequently Asked questions


Where are you based and do you travel?

Little Rock, AR metro based. Always willing and love to travel.

I travel for adventure, exploring nature, experiencing other cultures, sightseeing, trying new foods, meeting new people and at times to work.

Working on the road is a pleasure, so reach out regardless of what part of the globe you reside and let's collaborate.

How long have you been a photographer and educator?

Overall 30+ year interest in photography and over two decades (2001-present) of honing the craft on a more serious level. I began teaching photography classes and workshops in 2006, so nearing two decades experience as an educator.

I picked up the camera as a young child in the late 80s, but didn't start really learning photography as a craft and art form until 2001 upon taking a black and white film darkroom class the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts (formerly the Arkansas Arts Center).

Since then I have been involved in various facets of the creative industries as well as education through photography classes conferences, workshops, and travel tours.

I consider myself a nature photographer at the core, but also enjoy many other genres like architecture, street, portraits, and travel/adventure.

Do you shoot weddings?

No, thank you.

...but I know many great wedding photographers that I can refer if you ask.

Long answer: My first photo gig was a wedding in 2004 that I shot for $200. Ahh hahaha! That was a rude awakening in what it took to shoot a wedding. Needless to say they got what they paid for and it turned out to be a valuable lesson for me. Over the next decade I shot weddings occasionally and that was far more than enough for me to decide that shooting them just wasn't for me. Not sure why it even took that long to figure it out. Oh yeah, the $ got better. Haha!

I've got BIG TIME respect for the people that are full time wedding photographers and will leave that challenging craft/art to them. Holler if you would like a referral. I know many skilled wedding photographer from entry level to high end.

Do you have references?

Of course! Shoot me a message, and I can provide you references. If additional info is needed then I have a basic resume or detailed vitae for you.

You can also see what others have to say in the testimonials section which is linked at the bottom of this page.

What type of camera do you use?

Do you ask what type of pan the chef uses? Or what type of hammer the carpenter uses? Haha, well I guess some very curious people might ask that. My point being, a camera is a tool used to create photographs. Any advanced and creative photographer should be able to use nearly any type of camera to produce interesting images once the camera's controls are learned.

One of my larger Adobe Lightroom catalogs has logged over 70 different cameras used. I'm not that much of a "gear head" and have not owned anywhere near that many cameras. My journey just has allowed me to try out of lot of different gear over the years from teaching workshops and conferences.

If you read this far, you to deserve to know. Ha! I primarily use Sony and then occasionally Nikon, Canon, and Fuji equipment. All the major manufacturers make great gear at this point. Success is knowing how to use the gear when the opportunity presents itself. I can help with that if needed. Don't hesitate to reach out.

Do you teach anything beyond photography?

Absolutely! Teaching and education are amongst my greatest passions. I am a lifelong student of many topics and love to share my knowledge. Beyond photography technique, I am have taught a variety of topics over the years. Such as...

• Creativity
• Catalog archiving and organization
• Computer usage
• Whitewater paddling - (Former, ACA Level 4 Whitewater Canoe Instructor, certification expired)
• Leave No Trace ethics - (LNT Master Educator)
• Backpacking, back country travel skills, and front country camping skills (Former wilderness guide and instructor)
• Travel Tips and Safety

• General health, wellness, mindfulness, building good habits, and meditation (19+ years of study and practice)
• How to create and give better presentation and tips on public speaking (18+ years experience)
• Disc golf (one of my favorite past times and excuses to take a walk through the woods with 24+ years of experience)
• Wild edible and foraging (basic) (13+ years of study)

I am a lifelong curious student who is eager to learn. That carries forward into my desire to become the best educator I can possibly be. It is often said, teaching is the best form of education.

a bit more detail of my journey

Thanks to the encouragement of my mother, I have been involved in the creative arts since childhood through drawing, painting, photography, and other mediums. Close to graduating high school in the late 90's, my dad handed down the family's Canon AE-1 and that was the beginning of a 20-year-long and counting passion for photography. In 2005, I earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Central Arkansas. During the last couple years of college while working as the lab monitor of the UCA Art Dept's darkroom, I developed an early on desire and passion for teaching. Shortly thereafter in 2006, I began teaching classes for Bedford Camera & Video and developed various types of photography and software workshops over the next decade. Since then I have led classes and workshops for numerous schools, photography organizations, businesses, camera clubs, individuals, and private groups across AR, OK, MO, MS, TN, CO, MD, UT, and NM. While I still focus on providing education in various ways being a commercial photographer continues to sharpen my skills and open new opportunities of collaboration and service. I am filled with gratitude to be able to have this career and forever grateful to God, family, friends, mentors, students, adventure buddies, fellow creatives, clients, and anyone else who has encouraged and shown me support over the years.