let's cut straight to the chase & focus on what you need to learn with personalized one on one photography classes

Personalized education

one on one

Private one-on-one training sessions give you personalized learning opportunities with a flexible schedule.

We can “meet” virtually if you can't find photography classes near you or in-person within the Little Rock, Arkansas metro area.

With nearing two decades of professional teaching experience across a broad range of topics I can customize what you are wanting to learn. Upon booking, I will send you a brief initial survey to get a better understanding of your needs before our first session.

Let's do this!

"Thank you for providing such great info, education, and inspiration."

–Johnathan Wallace

a few Available Topics (but not limited to)


Learn your camera's specific functions and tools to become a more efficient photographer. I am proficient in Sony, Nikon, Fuji, and Canon systems as well as familiar with others.


Most software can be daunting when first approached. Develop a clear understanding and simple approach to workflow, image enhancements, archiving, and more through software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Apple Photos, Capture One and others.

Lens Choice

Lens choice can dramatically affect the look of your images and at times can be an important factor overlooked by many. We’ll delve into different types of lenses, their functions, use, and overall style they can achieve across a your choice of subject matter.

Creativity and Inspiration

Let's dive into the creative process and make something amazing. We can do a collaborative project or design something self guided for you.

Digital Photography Technique

Learn what it takes to become a photographer by building a strong foundation of the principles of photography. We can cover from the most beginner basics to highly advanced. I'll send a pre-survey before our session to get an idea of what level you desire.


Being able to use you computer and smartphones more efficiently will translate into a better workflow for your photography and overall joy of using those devices. Plus it can simply lessen the day to day stress in life and potentially open up channels of creativity. With over 20 years Apple Mac experience I can help you with MacBook, iMac, and iPhone setup and usage.

Portfolio Review

One of the most effective ways to learn how to improve your photography is to allow a professional to review and critique your work. I have over 20 years (2001) experience being on both sides of portfolio reviews.


20+ years technical photography experience and 12 years (2005-2016) working in equipment sales, repair consultation, and education at Bedford Camera and Video. I can provide guidance on what gear will best suit your needs and can likely find you the best available price.

Professional Development

Best business practices, tech skills, website development, etc. For more information reach me through he contact page if you are interested in a mentorship program.

Image Archiving and File Management

You're not the only one who struggles with keeping your images organized. Or maybe even worse you're one of the unfortunate ones whose lost images. With a great deal of trial and error and working with photographers on all levels, I've developed a keen sense on how to efficiently organize images and guide others to do the same.

Video Foundations

Let's build a strong a foundation towards becoming a videographer by covering all the essential basics.

Looking for a specific topic not listed?

Shoot me an idea, and I'll let you know if that's something I can cover. If it's a topic I'm unfamiliar then I likely can find the right class or person for you.

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