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AdoBe lightroom classic

"start to finish fast"

A Workflow and User EFFICIENCY Workshop

August 26th 2023

9:30AM TO 4:30PM

Located at Lost trails Ranch

Mulberry, arkansas


NOV 2-4 2023

PhotoCon 2022 is celebrating its 10th year and is the largest photography and imaging show in the region. Join us for a three-day interactive complete immersion into all things photography. Photographers, Models, Food Trucks, Manufacturer Reps, Trade Show, Hands-On Workshops, Formal Classes, Photo Booths, Door Prizes, Photo Critiques, Contests and so much more! 

I'll be a speaking, so I hope to see you there!

The Creative Eye II

description coming soon!

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PHOTOshop fundamentals

lightroom workflow from import to export

the creative eye



MAY 18 @ 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Arkansas Heritage Natural Areas: A Hidden Resource

Many Photographers are familiar with the glories of the Arkansas State Park System (wth 52 parks holding some 54,400 acres of resource) Far fewer know that Arkansas boasts 79 Natural Areas with an even greater land print.

By contrast to State Parks (which highlight the visitor) Natural Areas highlight protection of the resource. Some are easy to find and navigate. Others, beyond easy reach. All represent a rich resource for photographic explorers.


Kirk Jordan started his photographic career as a photographer for the Southwest Times of Fort Smith Arkansas in 1991. He served four years before being fired. (Miserable then, so good later.) He followed that stint with four years of wedding and portrait photography in Fort Smith. (I had the time of my life but it was hard on the wife and marriage.) Jordan took a job with Arkansas Business Publications in 2001, then - a year later, secured a position as Photographer to the Governor, serving 5 years with Governor Huckabee, 8 years with Governor Beebe, and 1 Year with Governor Hutchingson...It has been his privilege to serve the last 7 years as the senior photographer with Arkansas Parks, Heritage and Tourism, to the delight of his soul.

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AOPC - JUNE meeting- Wesley Hitt

June 15 @ 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Photographic journey spanning 40+ years

Wesley Hitt always seems to be in motion. He’s known for his action photography, whether it’s for professional sports, college sports, or corporate clients. As a professional photographer for 40 years, he’s photographed the famous – U.S. presidents, Senators, Actors, and CEOs – and the infamous, like farmers, factory workers, and workers like us all.

“People are more comfortable in front of the camera when they can move and when you give them something to think about. I consider myself a photographer of people in action.”

When not shooting for clients, he has stayed self-motivated throughout his career with his personal work. “My business photography is always so busy. I realized years ago that when I am out shooting for myself, I am drawn to the quiet and simple. The beauty of light. The beauty of place. I want the viewer to feel that they are there experiencing the moment.” A famous photographer once said, “a great photograph, you should be able to sit in”, that’s my goal for the viewer.

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