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Black and white headshot of Alex Kent. Bearded middle age guy with a big smile.  Photo by Jeanne Hadley Photography.

Yep, that's me. Simply trying my best to be a better person today than I was yesterday. Photo credits: Jeanne Hadley Photography.

Alex Kent, photographer with a black shirt. With a smile he's holding a mic. Two pretty blondes in white are in the back

Here I'm emceeing at PhotoCon X in Oklahoma City. Photo Credit: Madelyn Amacher

Frequently Asked questions


How long have you been a photographer and educator?

Over three decades of casual and nearly two decades (2004) professional photography experience. I began teaching informally during work-study in college (2003-2005) and then professionally 17+ years ago (2006) while working for Bedford Camera and Video. Since that time, I've worked and been involved in various aspects of the photography industry. Now I work for myself as a photographer, educator, public speaker, and guide.

There's more details of my experience and background in the ABOUT section.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based out of Sherwood, Arkansas (Little Rock metro area), but don't let the small town stigma fool you. I've have traveled to 29 states plus 11 countries outside the U.S. and counting. I love to travel for fun, adventure, experiencing other cultures, exploring natural areas, learning different perspectives of world history, viewing architecture, trying new foods, meeting new people and at times to work. Working on the road is an added bonus in life, so reach out regardless of what part of the globe you reside.

How much do you charge?

My rates vary depending the service. There are some general rates below, but it's best to reach out and tell me about your needs. Here are a few starting points in the meantime.

Commercial photography rates vary depending on several factors. Duration of shoot, quantity of final images licensed, expenses, post processing requirements, etc. Reach out with the form above and we'll set up a time to discuss your project for me to provide detailed quote.

Event photography starts at a $350 minimum and goes up depending on duration of time, type of coverage, equipment required, number of photographers needed, location, etc. Reach out for a detailed quote. I do not shoot weddings, but have plenty know plenty of photographers that I can refer if you like.

Educational and consultation 1-on-1 sessions:
Zoom/Virtual/Phone $85 per hour
In-person local $120 per hour
In-person travel (contact me for details)

For group classes and workshops, speaking engagements, travel photography guide, or equipment consultation reach out and we'll discuss pricing based on your needs.

What forms of payment do you take?

Cash or check are preferred of course to avoid unnecessary fees.

Otherwise for convenience I accept, PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp.

Do you have references?

Absolutely! Shoot me a message, and I can provide you with references and more details if needed.

In the meantime check out the testimonials page in the site menu to hear what others have to say.

How long will it take to get my photos?

Delivery times vary.

Full disclosure: I am NOT the fastest at turn around in processing images UNLESS we set that expectation up front. My schedule varies greatly from week to week. Depending on when your shoot is scheduled, the overall breadth of your project, and the total number final images required will all be factors on when images will be delivered. A timeline will be discussed as we're planning.

Do you shoot weddings?

No, thank you.

...but I know many great wedding photographers that I can refer if you ask.

Long answer: My first photo gig was a wedding in 2004 that I shot for $200. Ahh hahaha! Still in college $200 sounded great, but that was a rude awakening in what it took to shoot a wedding. Needless to say they got what they payed for and it turned out to be a valuable lesson for me. Over the next 8-10 years I shot a dozen or so weddings and that was far more than enough for me to decide that shooting them was not my cup of tea.

I've got HUGE respect for the people that are full time wedding photographers and will leave that challenging craft/art to them.

Can I shadow you on a photoshoot?

Occasionally I hire assistants or second shooters, but I don't let people just follow me on a professional photo shoot. That's not professional ;)

I offer customizable educational services and group opportunities, so check out the education and event pages if you'd like to learn more.

What type of camera do you use?

Do you ask what type of pan the chef uses? Or what type of hammer the carpenter uses? Haha, well actually I guess some people might! My point being, a camera is a tool used to create photographs. Any advanced and creative photographer should be able to use nearly any type of camera to produce interesting images once the camera's controls are learned.

That being said, quality gear does matter, especially in more challenging situations such as low light or high speed subjects.

One of my larger Adobe Lightroom catalogs has logged over 70 different cameras used over the years. I'm not really a "gear head" and have not owned anywhere close to that many cameras. My journey has allowed me access to a wide variety of gear over the years.

Truth be told all the major manufacturers make great gear at this point. Success is knowing how to use the gear when the opportunity presents itself.

If you read this far and really must know, I mostly use Sony and occasionally Nikon and Fuji equipment. There's a "What's in My Bag" page coming soon.

Will you volunteer your services?

Occasionally I do volunteer my services. You are welcome to reach out, tell me about your organization or shoot me a proposal. Collaboration is one of my favorite parts of photography.

That being said but exposure does not put food on the table. Photography has been a part of my career since 2004 and my full-time career since 2017. My experience, time, cost of doing business, quality of work, dedication to the craft, and client satisfaction all have value which lends to the worth of paying for my services.

Where can I follow you on social media?

My handle is @alexkentphoto on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

While I prefer face to face interaction with real human beings social media has been a great way for me to connect with clients, fellow photographers, and enthusiasts in the photo community. I appreciate each of you that like, follow, and subscribe.

I know, I know. I "should" be on TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. I am not and not likely going to be anytime soon. Hit me up and let's connect in real life.

Do you teach anything beyond photography?

Absolutely! Teaching and education are amongst my greatest passions. I am a lifelong student of many topics and love to share my knowledge. Beyond photography technique, I am capable and have taught a variety of topics over the years. Such as...

• Creativity and Compositional Design
• Catalog archiving and organization
• Image post-processing with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and other image enhancement softwares.
• Mac and iPhone set up and usage
• Whitewater paddling intructor and guide - (Former, ACA Level 4 Whitewater canoe instructor)
• Leave No Trace ethics - (LNT Master Educator)
• Backpacking, back country travel skills, and front country camping skills (Former wilderness guide and instructor)
• Travel Tips and Safety

• General health, wellness, mindfulness, building good habits, and meditation
• Disc golf
• Wild edible and foraging (basic)
• Numismatics
• Cooking

I am a lifelong curious student who is eager to learn. That carries forward into my desire to become the best educator I can possibly be. It is often said, teaching is best form of self-education.

Do you have interests outside of photography?

Many! Check out my Instagram or Facebook both at @alexkentphoto to see a few. More info to come...