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Leading photography classes and workshops from small to large since 2006. Reach out if you'd like to talk about setting up a custom class for your group. Keep scrolling to learn more. Or follow the link to see what type of opportunities are coming up soon near you.

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"I enjoyed The relaxed, non confrontational atmosphere. Constructive, but kind criticism. Pleasant and very knowledgabel insturctor. Fun people to laugh and socialize with. I appreciate how positive and encouraging you are to students."

–Laura Pounders

a few Available Topics

The Creative Eye

Some say that a person "has the eye" for taking great photos. It's true that some have a natural talent for creating interesting and impactful images, but composition is a skill that can be learned and improved upon. We will cover time-tested principles of design and creativity, but will go well beyond "the rule of thirds". These lessons can apply to most forms of photography, as well as many other visual art forms. This presentation can be adapted to various all levels of photographers and artists with any type of camera.​

Lens Choice

Lens choice can dramatically affect the look of your images and at times can be an important factor overlooked when beginning to learn photography.

We’ll delve into different types of lenses, their functions, use, and overall style they can achieve across a variety of subject matter. This presentation can be adapted from beginner to advanced levels.

Digital Photography Technique

Learn what it takes to become a photographer by building a strong foundation of the principles of photography. We can cover techniques from the beginning essential skills to more advanced, creative, and nuanced.


Learn your camera's specific functions and tools to become a more efficient photographer. I am proficient in Sony, Nikon, Fuji, and Canon systems as well as familiar with many more.


Most software can be daunting when first approached. Develop a clear understanding and simple approach to workflow, image enhancements, archiving, and more through software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Apple Photos and others.


Being able to use you computer and smartphones more efficiently will translate into a better workflow for your photography and overall joy of using those devices. Plus it can simply lesson the day to day stress in life and potentially open up channels of creativity. With over 20 years Apple Mac experience I can help you with MacBook, iMac, and iPhone setup and usage.

Portfolio Reviews

One of the most effective ways to learn how to improve your photography is to allow others to review and critique your work. I've been on both sides of critiques since 2001 and can help facilitate group critique sessions.

...and more

I've developed dozens of different styles of classes and workshops on various topics. Check out what's already on the schedule or reach out to talk about customizing a class for your group.

Why trust me as your educator?

Photo by Marcus Rachard


Teaching became a passion of mine during college while assisting students as the photography darkroom's lab monitor. In 2006, I began teaching classes professionally for Bedford Camera. Over the past 18+ years I've continued to teach for various businesses, schools, clubs, private organizations, and families across 9 states and counting.

Student applying Alex's lesson.


We all start somewhere and learn at our own pace. My experience teaching across broad demographics, from 7 year old kids to nearly 90 year old seniors, strengthened my ability to adapt to the audience, be patient, and teach at an effective pace for the group.

Image by Tyler Beck


I'm a forever student and try to learn something new everyday. With growing maturity I've become not shy or embarrassed to admit when I don’t know the answer. You won’t get iffy infomation based on ego. If I can’t provide the answer, I am resourceful and will get you what you need.

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fun factor

Teaching is one of my greatest passions and it will show! I love for my group classes to be dynamic conversations to create the most engaging learning environment possible. One of my many goals is to continue to facilitate strengthening the photo community and inspire others to live a creatively fulfilled, engaging, and fun life.


Rachel smith

“This was exceptional. I would highly recommend it and have done so to my friends. Alex is a perfect fit for teaching this class. He gives information in a clear concise manner. He has excellent knowledge and interpersonal skills providing a comfortable relaxed atmosphere for learning. Very professional! Definitely worth the $ I paid!! I will be taking more classes in the future!”

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